Article: The Benefits of Hot Lemon

For your health, for your business....

The Benefits of Hot Lemon

A question that we are asked a lot (honest), is – what are the benefits of hot lemon?

The benefits of Hot Lemon - for your health, and for your business...To answer this properly, we need to split this into two – firstly the benefits of hot lemon for your health, and secondly, for your business.

For your health…

A quick internet search will deliver a plethora of supposed health benefits of hot lemon – it’s been a bit of a health fad, and many swear by a daily dose of hot lemon water.  Usually in the morning and usually with some esoteric additional ingredients from cayenne pepper, mint, ginger to agave syrup (apparently a little bit like honey).

Some of the health benefits attributed to this daily dose (with or without the esotericism) are truly astonishing and include (note, not a comprehensive list of the supposed benefits of hot lemon water):

  • Helps to fight and defeat viruses (yes, obviously this includes the common cold and a whole host of other more deadly viruses)
  • Causes weight loss (scientifically proven apparently by anecdotal evidence)
  • Detoxifies the body (of all those nasty things which sap your energy, darkens your mood and causes your skin to be saggy and spotty)
  • Freshens breath (gargling a form of acid is going to be great for your teeth enamel)
  • Aids digestion (apparently it encourages bile production – amongst other things).

Other benefits apparently include reducing stress, helping to kick a caffeine addiction, balancing your lymph nodes and much more. If true – hot lemon truly is a wonder drug.

Sadly, whilst individual results may vary, most of this is hokum. Nothing that a balanced diet won’t provide. Hot lemon is a good drink (see our fave recipe), but it’s not a cure all for your health.

For your business…

However, what about Hot Lemon for your business?

Here the evidence, even if we say so ourselves, is much clearer. Some of the proven benefits of Hot Lemon for businesses include (again, not a comprehensive list):

  • Greater strategic focus on your business
  • Greater sales
  • Improved profitability
  • Reduced MIS (Marketing Induced Stress – it’s a thing, honest)
  • A better, more effective website.

So, in summary. Hot lemon – a nice drink, and whilst not harmful to your health, not necessarily the panacea for all your health-related issues. But, for your business, Hot Lemon could well be the panacea you need, the jolt of zest for your marketing that you are secretly craving.