Article: Recipe: Hot Lemon

Our choice recipe for our drink of preference

Recipe: Hot Lemon    

What would Hot Lemon be if we didn’t share our signature hot lemon recipe?

Hot Lemon's hot lemon recipe

Whilst hot lemon might not be the health panacea that many think it is (see benefits of hot lemon) – unlike Hot Lemon which is for businesses – it is, if done correctly, a great refreshing pick-me-up drink. 

But like with most things in the world – you do it wrongly, there’s only disappointment and misery. So, to help things out, we’ve decided to post our own choice recipe - Hot Lemon’s hot lemon recipe if you will. Strictly, it’s not really a traditional recipe, but it is a good one.


Like all things, the better the ingredients, the better the result.

  • Water (750ml)
    We haven’t a preference for the type of water, but if you have – knock yourself out.
  • Lemon (x2 / x3 if Femminello)
    It goes without saying that you need a lemon or two for hot lemon – we like the Femminello variety – a little bit more zesty than others but less juicy (yes, it’s the stuff they make limoncello from) 
  • Honey (4 tablespoons)
    Honey is one of those ingredients that has seen a resurgence of late, with many new brands and varieties being introduced to the market.  Our preference is Acacia honey (Cartwright & Butler our brand of choice – with or without comb) which has a lovely mild and delicate flavour with floral and vanilla hints.
  • Ginger (one inch of root)
    One of the worlds oldest spices and still going strong – like lots of things, fresh is best.
  • Rum (4 shots / 100ml - or more...)
    The secret ingredient - adds a bit of backbone, depth and sophistication to the brew. There’s a plethora of rums to choose from each with their own character  - our preference a good old traditional navy style dark rum (Wood’s 100 Navy Rum if you want a recommendation).


Now you would think something like hot lemon would be relatively easy – but the devil is in the detail.

  • Step 1 - In a large saucepan (we prefer the copper-bottomed ones – but that’s us) boil the water, then remove from the heat.
  • Step 2 - Add the honey, stir it in one tablespoon at a time and ensure it dissolves completely. After the honey add the juice of the lemons (bits are ok – it doesn’t have to be filtered) and then slice in the ginger.
  • Step 3 - The important bit – allow to stand, we need to let the ginger infuse its gingery goodness into the elixir. Ten or twenty minutes should do the trick.
  • Step 4 - When the concoction has cooled somewhat, and immediately before drinking, add the rum.

Don’t be afraid of re-heating the hot lemon to your desired temperature, but make sure you add the rum at the last possible moment – and don’t being the mixture back to the boil (bad things will happen).

And that’s Hot Lemon’s hot lemon – we hope you enjoy, and would love to hear your feedback on our drink of choice.