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Branding & Identity

Make your business stand out from the crowd

Having a strong, professional visual identity that resonates with your target audience is a critical success factor in winning new business.

Your logo, your “brand”, is arguably going to be the first thing a prospective customer will see – and those first impressions do matter.

But a “brand” can be so much more than just the design of a logo. Done well and consistently your brand can influence your bottom line – through margins, customer retention, and acquisition.

Branding and identity - Hot Lemon
First impressions really do matter - presenting a professional brand image to your customers can and does make a difference to the bottom line

Building your brand

Hot Lemon can help you develop your brand, from the initial steps of a logo that fits your business through to developing a unique brand that adds value.

We can help with the following:

Logo design

The design and development of a logo that effectively communicates your business’s professionalism and values and appeals to your target market.

Corporate identity

The extension of your logo to encompass all aspects of your business to give a consistent and recognisable professional image at all touchpoints customers have. For example, it could include colours, fonts, general styles, tone of voice, strap lines and a myriad of other attributes.

Brand development

We will work with you to define your brand promise, your brand values and then help you implement these into every part of your business including any development of your corporate identity.

You may also be interested in our Print and design services which covers the development of marketing collateral (brochures and the like).

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