Marketing Services:

Marketing Consultancy

Get a fresh Insight into your marketing & Business

As much as marketing is about campaigns and collateral, it’s also a key management discipline. It’s about anticipating where the market is going and developing the business to take advantage.

Not every business has a dedicated marketing department, or the marketing expertise needed to grow the business within the company.  This is where Hot Lemon can help.

Marketing consultancy - Hot Lemon
Our marketing consultancy service can help transform your business by giving you a fresh viewpoint and a fresh approach to marketing your business

Marketing consultancy for your business

Our marketing consultancy service provides flexible, cost-effective marketing consultancy, advice, and hands-on help as and when our clients need it – whether that’s for a specific project or something more longer-term.

Flexibility is key, and we can work around your priorities to deliver the support you need.

We can help with the following:

Marketing Consultancy

Advice in plain English and guidance on how marketing can benefit your business or help achieve specific objectives. From pricing to promotional strategies and everything in between - consider it a fresh perspective on how you run your business.

Marketing audit

A comprehensive review of your business, your market sector, your customers, and competitors – from a marketing perspective. Ideal for identifying strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats for the business.

Strategic & tactical goal setting

The identification and definition of how the business should develop in the mid to long term (based on market, technological and customer trends) to fulfill the developing needs of the market, together with the incremental steps needed to get there.

Marketing planning

Creating a realistic and achievable marketing plan for the business to achieve short- and long-term objectives.

Implementation & management

As well as the above, we can help you put it into action – with as much or as little help as you want.

Please also see our Marketing management services page which covers similar services. Or, get in touch: