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Social Marketing

Leverage the power of social media for your business

Social media has been transformative in how businesses can market themselves and manage their relationships with their customers. Social media can support and develop your brand, generate leads, improve retention and loyalty and much more besides.

But where to start, and how to keep up the momentum?

Whilst some businesses may find it easier than others to use and leverage social media, many do not. Be that because of the business sector they’re in, lack of time and resources, or any number of reasons – here, Hot Lemon can help.

Social media can be a highly effective tool for business both in terms of acquisition, retention and customer development.

Helping your business to become social

Hot Lemon can help your business use social media effectively, we can advise on the basics of setting things up, strategy and tactics and even manage your social media channels in their entirety – allowing you to focus on your business.

We can help with:

The social media basics

Setting up profiles for your business with optimised imagery and content or updating existing profiles.  Creating templates for posting and sharing content as well as tweaking your website to be social media compatible.

Strategy & tactics

We can advise on social media strategies and the tactics to implement them – what objectives you should set, what and when to post and share to achieve those objectives, how you should manage interactivity and how to plan social media activity.

Social Media Management

Managing your social media for you in a way that suits you and your business. Whether that is the whole bang caboodle or just generating engaging, timely and relevant content for you to share and post on social media channels and everything in between.

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But if you want to be social – be social – get in touch to find out more: