Social Media

Want to be social, but don’t know where to start or haven’t the time…

Social media is an excellent tool for business - it can build and support your brand, generate traffic to your website, generate leads, improve retention and loyalty as well as a myriad of other things. But where to start and how to keep the momentum?

Hot Lemon can help – from the basics of setting up a social media presence all the way to fully managing your social media profile on a day-to-day basis.

The basics

We can help you with the basics - setting up a profile, developing words and graphics to support your brand, and advising on social media strategies on what when and where – to give you a head start in making social media effective for you and your business. 

The full monty

We can manage your social media for you in a way that’s suited to your needs. Whether that is the whole bang caboodle or just generating engaging and relevant content for you to share and post on social media channels and everything inbetween.

One of the greatest challenges faced by business with regard to social media – is finding the time and inspiration to be social – we can help.

To find out more start the conversation.