Website Design

Let’s make your website really work for your business

Your website is often the first experience your customers have of your business – it needs to be effective, it needs to communicate and it needs to reflect your brand, your passion, and your professionalism.

It will likely be your primary marketing channel in attracting and engaging new customers, as such, it’s worth investing in getting a website that is tailored to your business and can grow with your business.

Getting it right is hard, but we’re here to help you with every step, and with everything you need.

Website design - Hot Lemon
Your website is probably your most valuable marketing channel, shouldn't it be unique and tailored to your business?

Bespoke website design for your business

Hot Lemon offers a fully comprehensive website design service for your business, from helping you with your proposition and branding, the words, to designing, coding, testing and hosting. Everything you need in one place to get your website up and running and working for your business.

Our website design service can encompass any or all of the following:

Proposition development

Help, if needed, in developing your core proposition – what you want to communicate and to whom

Logo and corporate identity

Again, if needed, we can design a logo and identity for your business and website as part of the process

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Researching and defining appropriate keywords and phrases, preparation for structuring the content and layout of the site to score well in search engine results

Structure & content

Creating an appropriate structure for your website together with the content, both words and imagery (if required) that meets the objectives of the website and supports the SEO objectives

Bespoke website design

The design itself, we work with you to design your perfect website, that fits within the objectives and is perfectly tailored to your business in terms of look, feel and functionality

Code & build

Coding and building your site from scratch – ensuring a fully standards compliant and fully responsive site that scores well in performance metrics and that has SEO built in from the start. All our sites are built around a CMS (Content Management System), which we can tailor to your specific needs – to make updating the site and adding new content very easy.


Testing of the site over a wide range of platforms and display sizes to ensure that every visitor gets the same great experience of your new website

URLs, hosting & emails

If needed, we can register and manage your URL (website address) for you, host your site on our market-leading hosting (using Google’s backbone servers) and if required, provide email addresses for your business.

Having a fantastic website though is only half the challenge of having an effective website. For a website to score well in search engine results and to keep engaging visitors, it needs to be kept fresh and up to date – we can also help you with this with our Website management service and our Website support service.

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