Website Hosting Services

Everything needs a home, somewhere safe and secure, even your website….

As part of our website service, we also offer comprehensive hosting packages too.

From bog standard cloud-based hosting (more than suitable for 99% of all websites), to premium dedicated server über hosting – if you want that extra oomph – and a wide variety of things in between.

The complete package…

All our hosting packages also come with email (as many addresses as you want – there are limits – but we haven’t found them yet) – so your set with everything you need to get your business up and running.

If you want, we can upgrade your email (at extra cost we’re afraid) to full industrial level Exchange Mail.

We can also make your website secure with SSL – increasingly important as Google now ranks secure sites higher than non-secure, and very important if you plan to use your site to sell.

Now, we would like to say we have our own dedicated data centre, unfortunately we don’t – not yet at least. We use one of the UK’s largest hosting providers and act as a reseller – what this means to you is that you have one less relationship to manage, and we can provide discounted rates to our clients.