Website Management

Keep your website fresh and working for your business

To be effective, a website needs to be actively managed – kept fresh, kept up to date.

Visitor experience, as well as search engine rankings, are all negatively affected by an out-of-date website. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t have the time and resources to keep their website up to date – Hot Lemon can help.

Website management - Hot Lemon
Comprhensive website management service to keep your website working for your business

Our Website management service – keeping your website on track

Hot Lemon can help you manage your website, helping you to keep it fresh, engaging and search engine optimised. In short, making sure your website continues to contribute to the business.

We can help with:

Website management

If you’re not technically minded, we can take on the management of your website making updates and amends as directed

Content management

We can also develop relevant content for your site as well, for example; blog posts, articles, guides new products & services etc. This could be on a regular or ad-hoc basis, and we can advise on content which will help your site perform in search engine rankings and engage with visitors.

Search engine optimisation

As part and parcel of the process, we will be continually reviewing the SEO of the site to see how it can be improved.

In short, our website management service allows you to focus on your business, whilst we keep the website tip-top and up to date.

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