Website Support

Things need updating, things go wrong, don’t let it affect you

Everything needs a bit of oil now and then, websites are no different.

Things go out of date, security patches and updates need applying, new threats emerge and, sometimes, things just go plain wrong. If you’re not technically minded – it can seem overwhelming. Hot Lemon can help.

Website support services - solutions for when things go wrong

Website support & help when and where you need it

If your website isn’t performing as it should – we can help.

From giving your site a spring clean, updating plugins and core systems, creating & retrieving backups, helping transfer your site to a new host and all the myriad little issues that can arise, we can provide no-nonsense help and support.

Not everything is fixable, but for those that aren’t, we’ll find an alternative solution.

Got a problem that no one else can help you with: